Inside Sales Rep – What is it and how do I apply?

Welcome to our page about our Inside Sales Rep position! You’re probably curious to know exactly what this job entails, what to expect in it, and what you’ll be getting out of working with our team. You’re in the right place! Read the full description and examples below before proceeding to the next step to apply to make 100% CERTAIN that you are the perfect fit for this role!


If you’re in the market for a fun, rewarding, lucrative, dynamic job opportunity, this is it! Do you have amazing sales skills and the determination to close deals? Can you appreciate that most sales don’t happen immediately, and that it usually takes a few touchpoints over a period of 60-90 days to make them come to fruition? We’re searching for passionate job seekers who have the drive and initiative to achieve results as homebuying sales specialists. We’re going to go ahead and let you know right now that if you depend on others for success, or you don’t feel like putting your best into your work, this isn’t the right fit. We need go-getters who are willing to expand their knowledge and learn our methods to close more deals.

This is a full-time position that will require 45-50 hours of work a week. We are available from 9 AM to 6 PM daily. We will also work after hours sometimes if we are needed. You will have access to plenty of warm and hot leads that you will be presented with on a daily basis. Your job is to get in contact with your prospects, ask the right questions, build rapport, and seal the deals.

We maintain a relaxed atmosphere in the office, and it’s encouraged to dress casually. The age range of our clients is typically 50 years and up, so trustworthiness is key. You’ll need to know how to converse, relate, and develop relationships with a variety of folks, and you don’t need to be told that first impressions and how you present yourself on-site are key to your overall long-term success with each and every client. Here’s some boring and lame bulletpoints that help cover the actual job responsibilities, but read the examples at the bottom of this page for some real-life practical situations you can expect to find yourself in during the day-to-day:


  • Qualify leads to accurately assess motivation, competition, and ability to close.
  • Talk to, engage, and chase prospects (all day every day). Engage with prospects constantly, so that you are at top of their mind. This will primarily be done over the phone or by e-mail.
  • By doing this, build a pipeline of future clients. Over 50% of your sales will come around after 3-6-9 months of CONSISTENT follow-up.
  • Land on-site appointments as needed to secure deals – You’ll set 5-8 appointments in the field weekly and must look at the part, act the part, etc. Keep in mind that you MUST be able to earn trust and build rapport both over the phone and in person.
  • Manage your sales pipeline throughout the entire sales cycle as you are THE person for them to speak to and work with and their primary point of contact with us.
  • Accurately track and report numbers and your activities to management.
  • Participate in regular training and education requirements; Actively ask for help on leads DAILY, for creative methods to make deals happen! You will be in a 12-week training program that will teach you a lot of valuable information and strategies, where you will be shadowing the Lead Sales Manager. There will be TONS of knowledge and experience available at your fingertips to absorb from and utilize to drive you to the most success!
  • Oh yeah, in case we forgot to mention the most important part enough here: Talk, chase, talk, chase, and talk some more. Very heavy phone requirements!


  • A true people person: LOVE talking to people and finding ways to solve their HUGE problems
  • Self-motivated and driven: Motivated to PROVE you’re the best and know that action solves all
  • A quick and eager learner: Learns FAST, and is able to pick up challenging new skills quickly
  • A real relationship-builder: Great at building rapport to TRULY understand what the client needs! (Hint: it’s usually not money or getting top dollar for their home)
  • Good with technology: Must be good with tech. You’ll occasionally chase people down on FB, LinkedIn, etc. You’ll work in Excel, Google Docs, our CRM, Calendars, and other contact systems and software
  • Neat, clean, professional: This applies to both your appearance and mannerisms! 80% of sales are done over the phone, and the remaining 20% are in-person presentations at the client’s home
  • Principled: FULL of integrity and always willing to do the RIGHT thing, even when it means losing a sale!
  • Dedicated: Aware that the fortune is in the follow-up, and that it often takes 40 calls to make a sale! You’ll need support in your immediate personal life to truly succeed here. Be in a true position to learn a ton, work hard, and have others present in your life that support that goal, rather than trying to convince you to throw in the towel if it gets a little difficult
  • Detailed: Patient, able to manage follow-up religiously and document your progress thoroughly at each step
  • Consistent & Focused: Showing up to work daily, ready and able to handle the sales grind, committed to the process, but not emotionally tied to the result. Stability and a laser focus on what you’re doing will lead you down the road of true success, and anything extraneous that distracts you can easily lead you to failure instead. Know yourself and what you’re capable of, and drive yourself to achieve your best!
  • Patient & Persevering: This is required! If you give up when you’re just 3 ft from hitting gold, or when it gets more difficult during your first week beyond training, you definitely won’t last here and you will never see the REAL money potential in this opportunity.


These aren’t required, but they certainly help you succeed and increase your overall chances:

  • Construction: Any prior construction knowledge or experience is very helpful when assessing a home’s condition and needed repairs. If you have any at all, please make sure to mention it to us in your resume or cover letter.
  • Maintenance: Same as above, if you have any experience or knowledge in home maintenance, include it!

We believe in people changing, so a past background issue it NOT an automatic rejection here. If you’ve changed, please make sure you tell us about it!


MONEY! That’s what you want to see here, right? Cool, plus there’s more:

  • $140,000-$175,000/yr OTE: We feature a comprehensive full 12-week training program for our sales folks. Your first 4 weeks of training will pay you based on a $30,000/yr salary, to give you plenty of time to become acclimated and build up your roster of deals (this also helps to weed out the tire-kickers). On week #5, your base salary gets boosted to $50,000/year, where it will remain permanently. Your ability to earn above and beyond this number is unlimited and uncapped! Every penny you earn beyond that base comes from your commissions, and the total OTE stated here is simply a combination of $50,000/yr base salary and all of the deals you lock up at great prices – these commissions are calculated via exact formulas and metrics, and include utilizing creative purchasing strategies (which we will teach you). Simply put, a solid person who works hard on our team and hits their metrics should have NO PROBLEM making more than the advertised $140k-$175K/year. As an example, it would take about 85 closed deals across an entire year to hit the $150K/year mark – which is just 1.5 closed deals per week! Someone who goes above and beyond, who makes those extra 15 calls a day and stays an hour later, who pushes hard and doubles down on learning our strategies and takes those important weekend calls from homeowners in a bind, and who flat-out outworks the normal, average, “B” level player, should absolutely exceed $150K/year, to where $175K-$180K is easy for them. Since we have no ceiling on potential earnings from commissions, there will be sales members on our team on track to exceed $200K in 2024 (our top sales guy of 8 years is aiming for $300k this year). It’s not about the time and longevity, though, as there is no seniority or nepotism in any of this – you’ll have the same ability to hit those numbers, strictly based on you and your level of performance with us!
  • 401K Matching: As an investment company ourselves, we believe wholeheartedly in the concept of investing via multiple vehicles to optimize your leverage long-term and prepare for retirement. As such, we offer 401K investing strategies with matching contributions.
  • Rental Properties: As you’ve probably figured out by now, we deal primarily in real estate! That means we regularly purchase or transform homes into rental properties that earn passive income for their owners. With our team, you get first look at available rental properties coming through our pipeline, AND discounted pricing off of retail for each of them!
  • Vacation and PTO: We offer annual vacation and PTO days.
  • Profit Sharing: Occasionally we invest in property projects as a team, and reap the benefits as a group via profit sharing when things go well.
  • Medical & Dental Group Insurance: We have group medical and dental insurance plans available.
  • Flexibility: We offer remote/flex positions in sales after the initial 12 weeks of in-office training have been completed, offering you greater overall flexibility in your daily schedule and life (or you can come to the office every day, whatever works best for your style).


We maintain a sort of “friends and family” style of atmosphere at our company. We’re not too formal, but we do remain professional when it comes to our clients and how we present ourselves to the world. It is vital that each and every member of our team is a superstar in their own role, because just like a football team can’t win the Super Bowl based on the performance of their Quarterback alone, we also will not succeed and excel if any one of our team members isn’t invested and dedicated towards achieving our goals. We support each other, we encourage each other, and we know we will do great things as a result!

We are continuing to expand and grow, which means there will inevitably be some growing pains that all of us will encounter and endure. These opportunities for growth will ultimately improve your ability to focus on your role within sales, allowing you to bring in better leads, and to spend more of your time engaging with them and securing deals, rather than doing clerical work or other admin-level duties. We’re not perfect right now, but we are heading in that direction as much as possible by heavily investing in better systems, knowledge, training, and internal team support!

EXAMPLES of What to Expect:

First, we should probably explain to you how things will go once you’re accepted onto the team. We begin with a 12-week training in-office that will teach you all of the valuable skills and strategies necessary to excel in your role with us, whether you end up in-office full-time, or working on a flex schedule where you’re part-time remote. During this training period, you’ll be shadowing our experienced sales reps, learning the various ways we’re able to purchase homes and help our homeowners out in a variety of situations and circumstances. This time is paid, so you can truly focus on mastering your art and securing some solid leads under your belt in just a few short months.

Next, we’d like to lay out what you might expect to do and encounter on a daily basis within a sales rep role on our team, so you know exactly what you’re getting into once you’re accepted:

#1 – You call a prospect and spend 77 minutes on the phone with them, discussing everything from the current condition of their home and any repairs it needs, to their cat Mr. Winky’s favorite kind of canned food. You develop a great rapport with them, and they agree to meet you at their home to do a quick walk-through of it and further discuss what our offer and their options might be with us. You drive 52 miles to meet them at the house later that afternoon, and you sign the purchase agreement with them on site, walking them step-by-step through the whole thing at their coffee table while Mr. Winky tries to climb up your leg. Huzzah, success! But…

Nine days after you’ve signed the deal with them, the inspection takes place, and we find $18K in necessary repairs that the homeowner was unaware of and therefore didn’t report to us. They’re not tech savvy and don’t even have a smartphone (they’re 74 years old and have a flip phone), so you have to make the drive back to their house to explain the inspection results and re-negotiate the purchase agreement with them in person. You take an addendum with you, cuddle back up to Mr. Winky, and let the homeowner know exactly why their attic having no insulation left in it is something we’ll need to address when we buy the home, and guide them through signing the addendum. As they are signing, they tell you about how they’re just not sure what to do with all of the stuff in the shed out back, and you ask them if there’s anything they want to keep and take with them in there, or if it’s all stuff they don’t need any longer and would rather be rid of and not worry about anymore.

The homeowner tells you that there are a few valuable things that are buried in the back of it, but the rest is really just junk that they no longer want to deal with. You let them know that we can easily handle any possessions they leave behind and that they don’t have to stress about any of it anymore – and that we can locate the valuable possessions and deliver them, no problem at all!

#2 – You have been calling a prospect every two months for the last year to check in and see if they’re ready to sell yet. They have had a lot going on between a somewhat messy divorce, a new job, and some fresh medical bills. They fell behind on their mortgage, and now are facing a possible foreclosure on top of it all. You let them know the many ways that we can help them, but they keep insisting that they’ll get it all squared away and there will ultimately be no need for them to sell the home. You last spoke to them about 3 weeks ago, and it is now 11AM on a Friday as you go through your list of follow-ups to do for the day.

You receive a call from them, and they’re in a bit of a panic. Their home is scheduled for the auction block at 8AM on Monday, and they want to know if there’s anything we can do to stop it from happening. You attempt to calm them down and let them know that you’ll do your best, but also let them know the reality of their situation, and that they might have waited too long and that it might be too late. After hanging up the phone with them and recording your call notes, you contact our Attorney and ask if we can stop the sale. The Attorney fortunately has a bit of time and thinks that we can stop the sale, IF you can be on the County court steps by 7:45AM on Monday with all of our paperwork signed and in hand to deliver to the court. You work with the Attorney and the homeowner to get all of the appropriate paperwork signed by the end of the day, and set an alarm to be at the courthouse on Monday bright and early.

You arrive at the courthouse at 7:48AM and wait for the doors to open to the public, with a folder containing all of the documents in your hand. Once the doors open, you go inside, locate the Clerk, and figure out where you need to go and whom you need to speak with – and you manage to stop the sale, just in the nick of time! You breathe a sigh of relief and excitedly call the homeowner to let them know that you’ve done it, and you can now proceed with purchasing their home. Everything is sent to the Title company, and the homeowner proceeds to pack up their belongings and start the process of fully moving out. A week before closing is scheduled to occur, Title requests that the ex-spouse of the homeowner signs the necessary paperwork to allow the sale to continue. The homeowner informs Title that they actually aren’t sure where their ex-spouse is or how to properly get in touch with them to sign the documents, as they moved out of the country several months ago and hadn’t really been in contact since. Now you have to help track this person down to get everything signed in time, and hope that they don’t try to cause problems.

If you landed here after seeing our flyer and took the time to read ALL of this, then you are obviously someone who can follow directions! THANK YOU!! Now, if you’re dead serious on this being a long-term (10+ years) career, follow a few more simple instructions and take it all the way.