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WOOHOO! You’ve read the full job description and details, and you’ve made it to the actual application for this position. In order to earn a banana sticker, though, you’ll need to complete the full application and next steps (BE SURE TO READ THE TEXT AFTER THE APPLICATION FORM):

Sales Rep

Application for Sales Rep
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  • Be honest, and you have the chance to explain your side of the story here! If you have nothing to report, simply say "None."
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THANK YOU for taking the time and effort to fill out our sales rep application and submit your resume and cover letter to us! It’s a time investment that we hope will pay off for both of us.

Let’s be real, though: We will likely get about 185 applications for this role, and you need to stand out and be seen, right? Luckily, there are things you can do to put yourself at the top of the stack. One thing you can do is record a short 2-3 minute introduction video of yourself so we can get to know you better right out of the gate. We aren’t looking for production quality or fancy video editing, so you can just shoot it on an Iphone or Android, record it, and tell us about yourself, your dreams and goals with this job, or what making $180K/year means to you… or about your mom and dad, or literally anything that lets you show off your personality! We love having a face with a name when we get 200+ replies to every job, so every little thing that you do helps you stand out from that crowd! The confirmation email you will receive from submitting your application will provide you with the place to send a link to this video, but just in case you miss it, send it to (it can be a Google Drive link, a YouTube link, etc).

We look forward to speaking with you very soon!!