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The Last-Minute Save

Going through a divorce. Facing a foreclosure. Every time he took one step forward to get things back on track, it felt like he fell two steps back. He was making progress, though. He was sure he’d be able to catch up on payments and save his house.

We’d been following up with him regularly every few months, so he knew exactly who to call when his home was put up for auction through the Sheriff…on the block on Monday morning at 8:00AM, and he called us on Friday – we had to work FAST and we had to know exactly what we were doing (Plus his ex-wife had moved to South America and he wasn’t even sure how to get ahold of her, which we’d need to do to buy the house since the deed was still in both of their names).

We were running up the courthouse steps at 7:50AM that Monday with all of the necessary legal paperwork (run through our Attorney) in-hand. Not only did he walk away with some cash from the sale to us, but he also saved his credit from taking an even bigger hit! Read the full story here!

The Tired Landlord

The house was a rental. It was passed down to her from her mother-in-law, and the renters that were living in it were not paying their rent. The house needed work, too. Her late husband had started trying to do the repairs himself, but there was still a lot left to fix.

It was too much for her to try to take on by herself, but she wasn’t sure how to go about selling a house that needed repairs AND had troublesome tenants living in it.

She called us, and we bought the house from her in as-is condition, and took care of the tenants for her, too.

“I needed to get out. Get from underneath it – it was a big weight on my shoulders. And you made it so easy, the next day I felt like… the weight of the WORLD had been taken off. SO easy, thank you!”

The Retiree’s Top Pick

Memories. Beautiful, but painful; they surrounded him every moment of the day. His wife had passed and he was ready to move on and into a retirement community that he had done a LOT of research on before deciding it was the perfect place for him. There was a slight problem, though – there was a long waiting list to move into this particular community, and it required quite a bit of paperwork, follow-up, and logistics to move into.

Luckily, he had decided to sell the house to us instead of someone else less experienced, and we were more than happy to get everything arranged on his behalf. We contacted the community every couple of weeks to check in, and kept him updated on his place in line so he could prepare.

A few months later, he was at the top of the list, and we scheduled movers to help him move into his new home. Seven months passed from the time he signed a purchase agreement with us to the day of closing! Read the full story here!