Affiliated Partners

We specialize not only in buying houses for cash and renovating new life into them, but also in providing Real-Life Solutions to Real-Life Problems.
Often times that means connecting our neighbors to the right resources that they might not even know are available. 

Selling a house can seem like a pretty major undertaking since it’s not something that most people do every day. This can be especially true if you find yourself needing to sell your house fast for one reason or another – whether you’re downsizing, moving into assisted living or a retirement village, are going through foreclosure or experiencing lien issues or property tax problems, are tired of being a landlord, are a member of the military being transferred…. well, if we listed all the situations we’ve helped with so far, it would take a few more pages, really, so instead, we’ll do a bulleted list until you are ready to chat with us:

  • Attorneys: We know several great local attorneys that specialize in Probate, Estate, Property Taxes, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Divorce, Lien Issues, and general Real Estate needs. We can connect you to the RIGHT one, no matter your situation.
  • Moving Companies: We can arrange for movers to help you move things. Whether you need things moved to a storage unit, to another property, or even to an entirely different state, we can connect the dots for you. We’ve worked with several great local and reputable companies, plus larger nationwide companies when the need arises.
  • Storage Units: We’ve worked with several local storage unit facilities to reserve and secure storage units over the years. We can even tell you at a glance how large of a storage unit you’ll need (this ability comes from years and years of experience, and Tony is very good at estimating square yardage this way!).
  • Title Companies: Title companies do more than just host a closing. They complete thorough title searches, help work out deed issues, arrange mortgage payoffs, and more. Knowing some great local title companies is a great boon when dealing with any form of real estate!
  • Real Estate Agents: Look, I know we’ve spent a lot of website space explaining why you SHOULD NOT use an Agent, and should talk to us instead. Here’s the thing, though – sometimes the property is in excellent condition, and you have plenty of time to go through the entire process of listing and selling via a licensed Agent. We can not only connect you to some excellent local Realtors, but can also arrange for you to pay a lower commission to them without sacrificing service and results. Essentially, no matter HOW you want to sell a house, we can most certainly get it done for you.
  • Auctioneers & Antique Dealers/Estate: Sometimes you inherit a property with a lot of stuff in it, and sometimes that stuff isn’t anything you have room for or want to keep, but it’s not trash. That’s when we connect you to the local experts to value antiques or liquidate via Estate Sales. It might be worthwhile to hold an Estate Sale, or it might serve you better to sell the property and its contents to us and let us handle all of that later.
  • Charities: We work with numerous local charities in a variety of ways. Sometimes it’s a simple cash donation. Sometimes it’s donating a vehicle. Sometimes it’s donating gently used furniture and goods to local shelters and non-profits to get them to people in need. If you inherit a property through Probate or Estate and find that it’s got a lot of usable, clean goods inside of it, you can rest assured knowing we’ll get everything we can over into the hands of those who can make best use of it. Check out some of the Charities we connect with here.