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We buy houses. Wait, let us back up a minute. We buy houses to provide win-win solutions to help homeowners get out of all kinds of sticky situations like foreclosure, divorce, inherited properties, estate, rentals that have turned into a problem to maintain, probate, outdated properties, military members getting transferred, and much more! Now for the boring part.

Ohio Cash Buyers is a real estate company & professional homebuyer based out of Springboro, Ohio.  We’re a family-owned business, and we’ve been here for over 16 years. We make it our mission to help homeowners like you find real solutions to your house problems, whatever they may be. Our knowledge and experience allow us to create Real-Life Solutions to Real-Life Problems when other’s simply can’t. Any condition, any situation. Do you want to sell your house fast because you’re going through a foreclosure? Maybe your house needs some updates. Perhaps you’ve already tried listing it with a Realtor and that didn’t pan out.

Anyway, you can read more about all of those things on our FAQ page. Back to who we are since that’s why you’re on this page:

Meet the Ohio Cash Buyers Team!

Every step in our process was carefully designed by our company leaders.   The Ohio Cash Buyers business model and value system has made us the #1 Home Buying Company across Ohio.  Allow us to introduce you to the people who make it easy for homeowners to sell their Ohio home FAST no matter the condition or the situation!


Bryan Blankenship

Bryan is Ohio born and raised – he grew up in Germantown and Middletown. He has been a Licensed Ohio (and Kentucky) General Contractor, REO pro and pro flipper for over a decade. During this span of time he has established relationships in the industry that allow us to craft offers that others can’t match, which is the driving force behind the company’s success.

It’s not all about the fair cash offer, though. What REALLY makes him stand apart is his ability to provide help and value in a wide variety of ways – it all boils down to how can he really help his neighbor!


we buy houses ohio cash buyers

Tony Deal

Tony has lived in Ohio his entire life. As a former programming engineer in the tool and die industry, Tony was rehabbing properties in his spare time until he decided to make a full time move into the real estate industry and join our team.

Tony has a long history of being able to build, fix, or make anything needed to complete a project and his true passion comes from seeing the property transformation take place (sometimes we even call him the “House Whisperer” due to his uncanny ability to assess a house so quickly).


Racheal Peck

Racheal brings six years of experience in the mortgage industry to the team where she was previously a mortgage closer and funder. She worked with title companies and regularly solved complex problems and ensured that transactions closed, which is exactly what she’s doing with us now!

Racheal boasts a broad skill set, including communicating complicated situations and details with simplicity and ease, as well as being fluent in sarcasm.


Dan Blankenship

Dan is another homegrown Germantown/Middletown native. He joins us from a background of sales and customer service as a former small business owner. He served in the US Army for five years in the late 80s. After coming back home, he joined AK Steel in Middletown in 1990. In 2006, he left that position to form his own small business, which he ran and operated until 2018.

He really enjoys getting to know people and figuring out real solutions to their problems.


Michael Murray

Michael has been involved in Real Estate since 2013. He has an intense passion for building relationships with individuals who are looking to buy OR sell their home.

He is the proud father of five children who are all very active in sports (including him!). In his free time…well, this is what he said about that, ” *chuckle* get real, there is no down time!” – he is either at a property or a sporting event, and maybe even on the phone at the same time.


Heather Carroll

Heather originally hails from West Virginia, but now that she’s crossed state lines and been in Ohio for a while, she’s fallen in love with our little piece of the Midwest! She is another vital part of the team who works as one of our administrators wearing many hats within the office. She is experienced in a variety of things, and is integral to our AP/AR, as well as keeping the rest of us on track.

Her bright smile and positive attitude keeps everyone in good spirits, and she always remembers everyone’s birthday, anniversary, and favorite place to eat! She has even been known to bring special treats to our crews now and then.


Melissa Storm

Melissa grew up in Harbor Springs, a beautiful small town in the northern lower peninsula of Michigan. In 2012, she moved to Kettering, and has lived there ever since. She has two children, which are the apples of her eyes.

Boasting a very long history of customer service (going all the way back to her first newspaper route when she was 9 years old!), Melissa is also a former small business owner.  Her list of held titles include property manager, restaurant manager, people manager, product manager, office manager, business manager, and family manager! She is a self-proclaimed people person, and she loves to interact with clients and coworkers on a personal level to achieve the best outcome for everyone involved.


Nichell Williams

Nichell grew up in Illinois (not Chicago, way far south of there, think cornfields and cows!). She is our superstar Marketing Director, though that title really doesn’t do her, and all that she does, justice (chances are that if you need anything, contacting her might be a good place to start). She’s also Mandi’s sister, but we don’t hold that against her! She’s been involved in Ohio Real Estate investing and Rental Property Management since 2008. She worked in the Medical Radiography field before deciding that Real Estate was the way to go for her.

Nichell joined our team in 2009 and has been a hugely integral part of our continued growth and evolution.


Mandi Blankenship

Mandi is a silent powerhouse for the team, working in the background to make sure our sellers get their cash at closing, and handling all of the various bills and accounts that go along with all that we do. She’s been at the helm of these things for almost two decades now.

Mandi is a true introvert, preferring a quiet home life with her nose in a book and a purring cat on her lap over just about anything else.


Becky Howell

Becky is our certified “Office Mom,” and she often brightens up the entire team’s day with her sunny disposition and contagious smile. She’s technically in charge of the mailroom and overseeing all of the incoming and outgoing mail, ensuring that everything is properly addressed, stamped, and sorted; however, this really comes second to her, as her main passion in life is uplifting others and giving them a big hug.

Becky spent many years of her life caring for others via a full-time career through nursing. She is enjoying a change in pace with our team, and we’re very fortunate to have her!


Janice Ramos

Meet Janice Ramos (Jhan to her friends and family), a dedicated and accomplished individual with an established record of leadership and excellence in customer service.

In the professional world, Jhan has embraced various roles. Starting as a Service Assistant, she worked her way up to become an Operations Supervisor. From 2010 to 2015, Jhan consistently performed her duties within this role above expectations, earning her the title of Top Supervisor of the Year. She was also recognized for leading the Top Team during this time period. Jhan even served as the Escalation Lead for a prominent US Property Management/Field Services Company. Her background and expertise are a wonderful addition to the team.

Outside of her career, Jhan enjoys a creative and delectable hobby: cupcake baking and brownie-making!


Roman Suarez

Roman was the “Grand Maestro” back in his high school days, serving as the leader of the Glee Club. His choir group earned a lot of recognition and even won championship titles under his leadership. In fact, his first job was as a Music Teacher at his old high school. That gave him an opportunity to do what he loved the most, singing and leading others to sing. Eventually he branched out into customer service, working under companies such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. After eight years of manning the phones for these major Telecom companies, he decided to make a change, and joined our team.

Now he applies his knowledge and experience towards supporting the team and driving our core values and mission forward. Roman says, “One thing I love about working here is the dedication of my coworkers to their craft, and the passion they put into it…the company wouldn’t be where it is now without the dedication and talents of all these wonderful people.”


Vlad Legaspi

Vlad started his career as a Computer Admin for a construction company back in 2006, where he refined his skills in database management and organization. From there, he shifted to more client-facing roles, working for various companies in customer services. He gained experience in leadership as a Performance Development Coach, where he mentored others for a few years. Now he’s applying everything he’s learned to keep information flowing smoothly across the team, and ensuring everything is in its proper place for safe-keeping.

Vlad is a devoted family man, often using his free time to go on weekend adventures with them to make lifelong memories. Aside from that, you might find him immersed in the world of gaming, leveling up his character in games such as Diablo 4.

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