How to Make an Offer on a House and Secure the Deal in Ohio

It’s time to start working when you’ve made the decision to buy a house and discovered one you adore. Standing out from other bidders is important when presenting an offer that attracts a seller’s attention. An investor who makes deals typically looks at more houses than the average buyer, who would inspect five to ten … Continued


Can You Sell A House With A Mortgage Still Owing?

Mortgage loans have enabled many to have their own houses. However, paying them off is a hassle. This is especially true if you have to move, but the burden of that loan looms on you. However, you can sell a house with a mortgage still owing. In this article, we’ll take you through the nuances … Continued


We Buy Dayton Houses (Especially in These 29 Areas)

2022 was forecasted to be a good year for Dayton real estate, with it coming 17th in the top housing markets of the nation. It’s a good time to enter this market, as the city’s thriving economy will likely make this success last for many years to come. However, we know selling a house is … Continued


How To Make An Offer On A House Without An Agent In 2022

Buying a home is the most important financial investment that you will ever make. There are dozens of details to take care of before you close on a property, the most important one may be making the initial offer to buy. Most people with minimal market knowledge choose to work with a professional realtor for … Continued