Estate Administration: Role of the Executor

An estate is all that’s left behind when someone passes away. This includes all material possessions, such as real estate, vehicles, furniture, and physical belongings, as well as the immaterial – financial positives and debts alike. If the deceased had prepared a will to be executed upon their death, then everything is fairly straight-forward in … Continued

Property Taxes in Southwestern Ohio

How to Pay Property Taxes in Southwestern Ohio As a homeowner in Southwestern Ohio, you have the option to pay your property taxes in a few different ways. What is probably the most convenient way to pay property taxes, however, is by using your County’s online payment feature. Depending on your County’s individual settings, there … Continued

What is a Special Assessment? Property Tax Series

Being a homeowner comes with a host of social responsibilities, both to your immediate neighborhood, and to your overall surrounding community and town at-large. You likely already know about Property Taxes and why they exist (read up on that here if you haven’t seen our article about it yet), but those aren’t the only expense … Continued

Why Do We Pay Property Taxes?

Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner, or someone on the hunt for your very first home, you should know what Property Taxes are and why everyone who owns real estate has to pay them.  Read on to find out what can happen if you don’t pay your Property Taxes on time. If you’ve been renting for … Continued