Ohio Cash Buyers – Real People – Real Cash Offers!

When you’re a small, local operation… you don’t always have the newest and best gear and fancy equipment. We invest our money into houses, not microphones and recording studios – which means you get a great cash offer on your home! If you want a chuckle, check out our latest video, then give us a … Continued

Buying a Fixer Upper

Perhaps you’re selling your old home and looking to buy a new one. Maybe you’re looking for a fresh start and want to customize your new home, so you’ve been perusing some “fixer-uppers” online. If so, check out the link below! What to Know Before You Buy a Fixer Upper | Bankrate   It has … Continued

What to Expect When You’re Buying a Fixer Upper

Guest article by Casey Hines If you were reluctant to open your home to a construction crew during the colder months, you may be anxious to start on those upgrades now. But if you’re short on cash, you might find yourself deciding between using a credit card or a home equity loan or line of … Continued

Fur a Good Paws E-Card

We wanted to share the adorable little e-card we received from Fur a Good Paws! Click on the card to visit their website and see the good work that they do for our furry friends.

4 Home Winterization Jobs Worth Hiring a Professional to Tackle

Guest post by Bret Engle There’s something charming about getting ready for winter. As you unbox sweaters and stack firewood, don’t forget to make sure your house is ready for the season too. While some winterization tasks can be done DIY, others are above the average homeowner’s paygrade. Here are four projects on your to-do … Continued

What to Expect When You’re Buying a Fixer-Upper

Guest Post by Bret Engle   There’s a romantic lure behind the fixer-upper — buying an old, rundown house that nobody wants and with your bare hands, transforming it into your dream home — or a tidy profit! However there’s a downside, too, and many eager DIYers bought houses that ended up costing much more … Continued