Selling a House Fast at Christmastime

Selling a House Fast During the Holidays

Ohio Cash Buyers Buys Homes As Is Quickly in Cincinnati Dayton & Columbus

How do you sell a house fast? How do you sell your home quickly when everyone is busy with the holidays? It can be pretty simple, actually!

“But wait,” you’re thinking, “my situation isn’t simple, and there’s no way it can be done quickly!”

Well, where there’s a will, there’s a way (Having years of experience and a mindset towards community doesn’t hurt, either). 

We buy houses as is, in any condition, for cash. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. “Cash Buyers” can be a dime a dozen these days, but TRUE, performing cash buyers are another story entirely.  Read about how to choose the best cash buyer here.

Ohio Cash Buyers goes so much farther than buying your house – we focus on how to really help solve our neighbors’ problems, and that often includes providing a whole host of services and connections to our homeowners, above and beyond what most companies will do for you. Here’s a brief list of just some of the many services and resources available when you work with us:

  • Moving Arrangements, including Movers, Storage Unit Rentals, Truck Rentals, and in extraordinary cases, even PODs!
  • Sorting Possessions, and deciding what to do with all of them. Sometimes that means connecting to an antiques dealer or auctioneer and holding an estate sale. Sometimes that means connecting to local charities to distribute furniture or other items that can be used by other families in the community. We can handle all of that for you, and more!
  • Repairs and updates. We take care of everything, and you don’t have to do anything. No finding and scheduling flaky contractors, no extra money spent on a roof or kitchen, and no unnecessary headaches.
  • Taxes, liens, and outstanding mortgages. We see these and work through them every single day. If you’ve inherited a house, you may not know all of the entanglements and issues that come with it, and you shouldn’t NEED to try and become some kind of financial and real estate detective and expert when you have much more important things to focus on. We’ve got you covered.
  • Probate, Legal, or Title Issues. Need an experienced attorney that listens to you and your needs, and can navigate the system without causing more problems for you? We know a few OUTSTANDING attorneys in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas, and since you’re referred to them through us, they will absolutely maintain our one-on-one style of taking care of you on your own timeline and budget. We routinely work with heirs to settle estates and purchase houses in Probate cases, across many different counties. Title issues are easily solved with our amazing title company resources – when you’ve worked alongside someone for a decade, you know they’re competent, reliable, and flexible (see testimonial from one of our title companies below)!
  • Finding a New Home. Who better to help you find the perfect new place to call home than someone who deals with homes day in and day out every single day of the year (except maybe Christmas)? Why jump through hoops and work with five different people and companies and have to keep up with all of them and pay all those commissions and fees when you can chat with us and we’ll do all the work for you? Maybe you’re looking for a condo. Maybe you’re wanting to downsize and move into the country. Maybe you’re exploring the option of moving into Assisted Living. We do ALL of that legwork for you, and you get to choose from only the BEST options, rather than trying to wade through dozens of options that don’t fit your needs in the slightest.
  • Avoid Foreclosure. We’ve saved many homeowners from going through the ugly process of foreclosure, and it always brings everyone a HUGE sigh of relief when we get to closing and their credit is saved from total ruin. Even if your home is scheduled for Sheriff’s Auction, we CAN intervene and work our magic, but we do need time to get all of the pieces of the puzzle into the right place to make it happen. Don’t wait until the last minute and wind up escorted out onto the curb with your belongings tossed into black garbage bags – NO ONE should ever have to go through that.

We buy houses from our neighbors in order to make our communities a better place for all. We achieve this by sticking to our core values and leveraging all of our expertise and resources to create win-win solutions for everyone. If you’ve been thinking about selling a house for any reason, it only makes sense for you to reach out and see what we can do for you. There are no obligations to speak to us, and you’re more than welcome to say “no, thank you,” if you don’t like the sound of our offer.

“I have worked with Bryan and his team at Ohio Cash Buyers, LLC on hundreds of closings for over a decade. They are amazing to work with and provide necessary information to make our job easy. They are ready to close when they say they will be and I have seen them help many people over the years to sell quickly due to divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc. All Points Title would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs to sell a home for any reason, and actually, we do so very often. They are always a pleasure to do business with and in all the years we have been doing closings with them, we have never had any complaints or issues before, during or after the closing. They are currently working on a property in Fairfield that the owner decided to have friends and family help with rehab and they were losing serious money and needed to get out from under the pressures. The OCB team offered not only to buy the property even with all the existing problems, but also to allow them to stay in the home for several weeks until after the holidays. Bryan’s team also offered to rent a Pod to store their things until they found where they wanted to go and went as far as to offer to help them move. I have been impressed with the way Bryan and the Ohio Cash Buyers Team manages to handle the entire process with grace and poise, while looking out for the client. We look forward to working with them for many years to come!”

– Sue Biddle, Co-Owner | All Points Title; Hamilton, OH.

Read about our Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Outstanding Ethics!

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