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We buy houses. Wait, let us back up a minute. We buy houses to provide win-win solutions to help homeowners get out of all kinds of sticky situations like foreclosure, divorce, inherited properties, estate, rentals that have turned into a problem to maintain, probate, outdated properties, military members getting transferred, and much more!

If you’re here, that means you want to know more about who we are and what kind of people we are – after all, if you’re about to do business with someone, you want to make sure they’re the right people to work with for you and your situation.

Get to Know the Ohio Cash Buyers Team More!

Each person on our team brings a unique set of skills and talents to the table, enabling us to tackle complicated and difficult situations and conditions that most others simply can’t. With nearly two decades of experience in construction, renovations, transactions, and every possible entanglement and extra step along the way, we are here to help homeowners sell their homes and avoid all of the hassles and stress of a traditional home sale.


Bryan Blankenship

Bryan is Ohio born and raised – he grew up in Germantown and Middletown. He has been a Licensed Ohio (and Kentucky) General Contractor, REO pro and pro flipper for over a decade. During this span of time he has established relationships in the industry that allow us to craft offers that others can’t match, which is the driving force behind the company’s success.

It’s not all about the fair cash offer, though. What REALLY makes him stand apart is his ability to provide help and value in a wide variety of ways – it all boils down to how can he really help his neighbor!

He has been featured in magazines and podcasts, though he prefers to be behind the scenes, making sure things get done the way they should be. It’s not uncommon to find him with his nose in a book, as he has a great love for learning and constant self-improvement. Bryan is usually the first one to know about new construction products and technologies!

Bryan started pretty small, by buying a lawnmower and offering lawnmowing services across the area. With a lot of long hours and hard work, he expanded into full property preservation services, learning how to secure properties and maintain plumbing in all seasons. This fueled his hunger to learn more, and he began mastering each of the skilled trades involved in home construction and maintenance, one by one. He gradually expanded his team to include several talented family members, and a few friends who have become like family over the years. Now he sits at the helm, helping guide the purchase of every single home we buy, and directing the necessary renovations and repairs being performed.

Having experienced a foreclosure himself over fifteen years ago, Bryan has a desire to help others avoid going through the same thing. He knows exactly how horrible the whole process can be, and how easy it is for someone to fall behind and find themselves in that situation, with no idea where to turn or how to ask for help. This is a big motivator for the entire team – every person we can help to avoid the horrors of losing almost everything they’ve worked for and being escorted to the curb by a law enforcement official is a HUGE win in our book!

When he’s not working (which is quite rare!), you can find Bryan enjoying nature, traveling, racing anything with an engine, or spending quality time with loved ones. He and his wife reside in Lebanon, Ohio, and are both animal lovers with 3 rescued cats at home (and an occasional rescued Raptor that they foster).


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Tony Deal

Tony has lived in Ohio his entire life. As a former programming engineer in the tool and die industry, Tony began rehabbing properties in his spare time until he decided to make a full time move into the real estate industry and join our team.

Tony has a long history of being able to build, fix, or make anything needed to complete a project and his true passion comes from seeing the property transformation take place (sometimes we even call him the “House Whisperer” due to his uncanny ability to assess a house so quickly). He can glean a lot about a home just from seeing the outside of it and knowing what neighborhood it’s located in. With so many years of experience under his belt, he knows instantly what major issues certain areas have, based on when and how the houses there were built.

He knows precisely what it takes to perform any repairs or updates necessary on any kind of home, and he keeps an active eye and ear on the overall construction industry to take into account any changes coming over the horizon. If there’s a nationwide shortage of new appliances, or if new windows are on backorder for 6 weeks, he’s one of the first to know and factor it into the equation for each property. In the same way, he monitors the mortgage industry, and he knows what current interest rates are, and what the overall trajectory of home sales is projected to be at any given time.

Tony is very much a straight-shooter, and he believes in helping people navigate all kinds of tough situations using the truth, and not by just telling people what they might want to hear. In this way, he’s not exactly a “typical” salesperson, and we wouldn’t have him any other way!

During free time he enjoys being outside, working on a project, or relaxing in front of a fire. He enjoys spending free time with his family. One of his favorite past times is working or riding on something with an engine, either dirt bikes, buggies, or fast cars. He also enjoys being a responsible firearm owner, and will talk to anyone for hours about it.

Tony has two children – his son is a young teenager who is active in soccer, playing on a team in the top rankings of the OSSL and BSL, and his daughter is taking honors classes and college courses through Cedarville with the hope of achieving a career in business someday.


Racheal Peck

Racheal brings years of experience in the mortgage and finance industries to the team. Altogether, she has 5 years of direct experience in accounting, 7 years of experience as an HR manager at a steel processing facility, and about 7 years exclusively in the mortgage industry itself as a closer and funder. She worked with title companies and regularly solved complex problems and ensured that transactions closed, which is exactly what she’s doing with us now!

Racheal is a HUGE animal-lover, and currently has six fur-babies at home: 2 dogs and 4 cats. She claims that she would happily adopt all animals needing a home if she could!

She boasts a broad skill set, including being fluent in sarcasm. Racheal also has an analytical, almost bulldog mentality and approach that she uses to fully understand and get to the bottom of issues to resolve them in the best ways possible. She is warm and friendly, and she loves getting to know our clients and helping people through her services.

In her free time, she enjoys bowling, going on hikes, reading books, listening to music, and hosting movie nights for family and friends.


Dan Blankenship

Dan is another homegrown Germantown/Middletown native. He joins us from a background of sales and customer service as a former small business owner. He served in the US Army for five years in the late 80s, and is a proud veteran. After coming back home, he joined AK Steel in Middletown in 1990. In 2006, he left that position to form his own small business, which he ran and operated until 2018. He met a lot of people through this small business, and realized that he enjoys talking to folks and getting to know them.

Dan joined the team because of his passion for helping people. He was able to see firsthand what the team was accomplishing, and wanted to become a part of it. He says it is the satisfaction that comes from being able to help someone out in a difficult time in their lives, whether it’s probate, bankruptcy, divorce, foreclosure, or relocation for work, that really makes his day. He has personally experienced each of those situations himself, and he feels like he is making a real change in others’ lives by being the solution that they couldn’t find anywhere else.

Most folks who have known Dan for a long time would probably describe him as a “good ol’ country boy.” He’s very genuine and doesn’t dance around anything. He’d rather be frank and forthright with people while offering them real options and solutions.

Dan enjoys playing guitar and watching drag racing at home in his spare time with his wife (whom he married over a decade ago in the beautiful mountains of Gatlinburg) and three dogs. He’s the proud dog dad of two English bulldogs (Loki and Marley), and one Frenchie (Daisy Mae). On special occasions, he attends concerts with his wife.


Michael Murray

Michael has been involved in Real Estate since 2013. He has an intense passion for building relationships with individuals who are looking to buy OR sell their home.

Michael is not just a professional in the real estate industry, but also a loving father, an accomplished athlete, and an avid traveler. Over the last four years, he has consistently produced millions in revenue, but more importantly, he has created rock solid relationships and is leaving an indelible mark on our local real estate market, one deal at a time. 

Michael isn’t your average real estate professional. He’s a dedicated father to seven wonderful children, proving that life’s greatest moments come from the love and connection of family. His philosophy? “Quantity time is quality time.” He prioritizes being an active, involved dad and partner, creating lasting memories that will resonate for generations to come.

Before conquering the real estate world, Michael showcased his excellence in the realm of sports. At Tecumseh High School, he was not only an accomplished athlete in football but also a force to be reckoned with in wrestling. This foundation of discipline and determination has been instrumental in his professional life.

That’s not where his athletic journey ends, though. Michael took his passion for sports to the next level when he played college football and even coached at Wittenberg University. His competitive spirit and leadership skills have undoubtedly contributed to the team’s overall cohesion and success.

When Michael isn’t closing deals, you’ll find him cheering for his favorite teams – The Ohio State Buckeyes and the Cincinnati Bengals. His unwavering support for these teams is a testament to his loyalty and dedication, values that extend into both his home life, and office life.

One of the many facets that make Michael unique is his love for travel. An accomplished traveler, he exudes joy when exploring new horizons, whether it’s with his fiancée or with their children. For him, each journey is an opportunity to create unforgettable experiences and embrace the beauty of the world.

In Michael, you’ll discover a real estate professional who has redefined the world of dispositions, a dedicated father who knows the true meaning of “TIME,” a passionate sports enthusiast, and an adventurous traveler. He’s not just a rock star in the real estate market, but also in life. 


Heather Carroll

Heather originally hails from West Virginia, but now that she’s crossed state lines and been in Ohio for a while, she’s fallen in love with our little piece of the Midwest! She is another vital part of the team who works as one of our administrators wearing many hats within the office. She is experienced in a variety of things, and is integral to our AP/AR, as well as keeping the rest of us on track.

Heather is a self-professed cat lover (she has four fur babies of the feline variety) and book-nerd. She is a magic-maker within the team, often taking on multiple aspects of different roles to make sure everything works seamlessly. As Bryan’s Personal Executive Assistant, Heather juggles a LOT of tasks to keep him freed up to do what he does best.

She enjoys expressing herself in various ways. She has a love for “eccentric earrings” and for dressing up nicely “just because.” It’s not uncommon to find her dressed to the 9s even if she’s busy running errands.

When she’s not busy with work, if she’s at home, you will likely either find her with her nose in a good book (she claims that if she is not interrupted, she will lose track of time and read through the night!), or out in her garden, tending to her plants. If she’s out and about, you may run into her at a “book ball,” or find her out dancing.

Her bright smile and positive attitude keeps everyone in good spirits, and she always remembers everyone’s birthday, anniversary, and favorite place to eat! She has even been known to bring special treats to our crews now and then.


Melissa Storm

Melissa grew up in Harbor Springs, a beautiful small town in the northern lower peninsula of Michigan. In 2012, she moved to Kettering, and has lived there ever since. She has two children, which are the apples of her eyes. One is a hip hop dancer getting ready to enter high school, and one is a baseball player still in elementary school.  

Melissa was Team Captain, MVP, and First Team All Conference within her high school volleyball team. After High School, she attended college to pursue a Graphic Design degree. After meeting the man that is now her husband, the couple lived in St. Petersburg, Florida for a decade before moving up north and relocating to Ohio. While in Florida, they loved the weather and activities there.  “Never too busy to go boating!”

She has been happily married to her husband Ron for fifteen years.  Melissa says that he’s a super smart dude with a doctorate degree and a big heart. Melissa has 3 dogs:  Bodie and Willow, which are mini aussie doodles, and Biggie Smalls, a yorkie.

Boasting a very long history of customer service (going all the way back to her first newspaper route when she was 9 years old!), Melissa is also a former small business owner.  Her list of held titles include property manager, restaurant manager, people manager, product manager, office manager, business manager, and family manager! She is a self-proclaimed people person, and she loves to interact with clients and coworkers on a personal level to achieve the best outcome for everyone involved.  Melissa says, “I believe we are all here to help one another, and when I get a chance to do that at work it really makes my day.  I’m so happy to have found a home here on the team where I get to do all those things!”


Nichell Williams

Nichell grew up in rural Illinois. She’s also Mandi’s sister, but we don’t hold that against her! She’s been involved in Ohio Real Estate investing and Rental Property Management since 2008. She worked in the Medical Radiography field in clinics, urgent care centers, and hospitals before deciding that Real Estate was the way to go for her.

Nichell joined our team in 2009 and has been a hugely integral part of our continued growth and evolution. She works both behind-the-scenes and at the forefront, overseeing a variety of processes and services that we perform. Nichell has been in charge of every aspect of our rental homes, from leasing and maintenance to sales and client services. She has a keen eye for details and data, and enjoys doing all levels of research and analysis. Her innate desire to create and design makes her a valuable resource for our marketing.

Within the team, Nichell is known for her uncanny ability to accurately and quickly recall information and dates about the homes we’ve bought. Having been in charge of leasing and sales, she is also very familiar with the overall housing market in the region and all of the individual variables that factor into rent rates and home values.

In her spare time, she enjoys gaming, going for walks in the local park, drawing, reading, and listening to music. She loves the musical group Stray Kids, and most of her daily playlist is comprised of their diverse discography.

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