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We’re not fake. We’re not a scam. We’re your neighbors in Middletown, Cincinnati, Dayton, Springboro, Lebanon, and Waynesville. We turn houses into homes again, and do all that we can to help you out along the way!

No matter what situation you might find yourself in, we can find a way to help. We come up with Real-Life Solutions to Real-Life Problems when others simply can’t.

“I have worked with Bryan and his team at Ohio Cash Buyers, LLC on hundreds of closings for over a decade. They are amazing to work with and provide necessary information to make our job easy. They are ready to close when they say they will be and I have seen them help many people over the years to sell quickly due to divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc. All Points Title would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs to sell a home for any reason, and actually, we do so very often. They are always a pleasure to do business with and in all the years we have been doing closings with them, we have never had any complaints or issues before, during or after the closing. They are currently working on a property in Fairfield that the owner decided to have friends and family help with rehab and they were losing serious money and needed to get out from under the pressures. The OCB team offered not only to buy the property even with all the existing problems, but also to allow them to stay in the home for several weeks until after the holidays. Bryan’s team also offered to rent a Pod to store their things until they found where they wanted to go and went as far as to offer to help them move. I have been impressed with the way Bryan and the Ohio Cash Buyers Team manages to handle the entire process with grace and poise, while looking out for the client. We look forward to working with them for many years to come!”

Sue Biddle, Co-Owner | All Points Title; Hamilton, OH.

“Tony bought our house, just like he promised he would. He was actually NOT the highest price by $2,500, but I trusted him to get the deal done. I had no faith at all in the other person who made an offer. Even when he couldn’t beat the other offer, Tony was 100% transparent about it and told me why, explained it well, showed me the numbers, and didn’t pressure me at all. In the end, I’m 100% happy and it was an easy choice. Thanks Tony!”

Rob W. | Kenwood, OH.

“It’s never easy to give up the home you’ve loved for 14 years and raised 2 kids in, but we had to do something! My husband was injured at work and I couldn’t keep up with the bills on my own. I called Ohio Cash Buyers from a letter they mailed me and got in touch with Darren. He was very pleasant to speak to and he scheduled an appointment for Tony to come out and see my home the same day. I had also called 1 other letter I got but the guy didn’t even show up for our appointment! Unlike that idiot, Tony was an absolute professional!

There was no pressure and he spent over 2 hours with me explaining all of my options. He even told me what we needed to do if we wanted to make the repairs ourselves and sell it with a Realtor. Even though I probably could have got a little more for the home if I did all of that, it would not have been worth the hassles. Two months and $25,000 of construction, picking a Realtor, strangers coming through my home all the time and having to keep it clean, all the fees and Realtor commissions involved, on and on. And then the chance it doesn’t sell or someone makes an offer but then can’t get a loan. Plus, we would have had to put the rehab money on our credit cards and that wasn’t an option. For us, it was easy. I called Tony back the next day and accepted the cash offer he had given me on site when he met me. The rest was simple. Tony and his secretary did all the work and got it closed in 8 days. I really didn’t believe it could be done that fast when he said 10 days or less, but he pulled it off. The title company even came out to my house and closed the deal so I never had to go anywhere! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Tony and team!”

Sara and Duane G. | Fairfield, OH.

…I’m thankful that we chose them.

Tony and Bryan from Ohio Cash Buyers were top notch from start to finish with selling my family’s home. This was an estate home that a Realtor had failed to sell and we were already stressed enough with the death, the moving, the planning, and the many other things on our minds. The stress of selling was greatly lessened with their knowledge of the process and I’m thankful that we chose them. They did exactly what they said they would, and I’m very grateful for the courtesy and kindness they showed our family during this difficult time. Thank you, Bryan and Tony.”

The Walsh Family | Loveland, OH.

“Bryan Blankenship from Ohio Cash Buyers made me a very fair offer on my Centerville home. He was able to close in 6 days with cash and he didn’t have to get a loan like the other offer I had. The other offer was $6K lower and needed 28 days to close, so choosing Bryan was an easy decision. Bryan, his team, and the title company he uses made the entire process very simple. Bryan was easy to work with and I was happy with the experience. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to sell their home fast.”

Robert Miller | Centerville, OH.