Sell Inherited Property: The Tired Landlord

The house was a rental. She had inherited the property from her mother-in-law. The renters that were living in it were not paying their rent. She didn’t know exactly how to handle the situation – she’d never had to evict anyone before, and she didn’t want to have to sink the time and money necessary to go through the whole eviction process to remove her bad tenants.

The house needed work, too. Her late husband had started trying to do the repairs himself, but there was still a lot left to fix, and the tenants hadn’t done anything to make the condition of the home any better. In fact, they had just made it even worse. What was she going to do? How do you sell a house with bad tenants in it that needs repairs? How do you sell a house without paying commissions? Can you sell a house like that fast and walk away better for it? She felt stuck!

Selling an inherited house wasn’t something she did every day. Her options at this point seemed to be:

  • Evicting the tenants through an attorney, then spending thousands of dollars on repairs, then listing it with a Realtor, then hoping it sells. Wow. That’s at least several months of stress, hassles, and worries, not to mention the actual financial commitment! How long would it take to evict (five weeks or more, read more about Ohio evictions) ? How much would that cost? After that, how long would the repairs take to complete? How much would that cost? What if the contractors did bad work or took forever to finish? Then she’d have to list it with an Agent, and how much would that cost? How long would it take to find a buyer? What if the buyer required her to do even more work to the home? What if their lender fell through and she had to start the actual selling process ALL OVER again?? This was NOT what she wanted to do.
  • Ignore the problem until the city condemned the house or the tenants managed to destroy it entirely. Geez, that would be horrible. She still had to pay taxes on it. She was running deeper and deeper into the red with each passing month.
  • Find a homebuyer willing to buy houses as is. If she could skip the eviction process and the repairs, and find someone who would buy an inherited property without repairs, then she could get out from under this house!

We buy houses for cash, any condition, any situation! Get a fair cash offer for your home, no obligations.”

She read the words several times before she decided that it was worth her time to talk to us and see exactly who we were and what we were all about. She was skeptical at first, of course. It sounded too good to be true. Were there really “professional” homebuyers around that bought houses like hers for cash for a fair price? Since there were no obligations, she had nothing to lose by chatting with us.

Tony answered her call. She explained her whole situation after he reassured her that we were real and truly local. He was no stranger to this type of situation, and he knew exactly how to help! Yes, we could buy the house as is, in its current condition, and we wouldn’t ask her to do any repairs. Yes, we could buy an inherited home with bad tenants in it and she wouldn’t have to worry about them. Yes, we could close in one week or in ten weeks. Yes, we would be paying cash for the house. Yes, we would be walking her through every step until closing!

I needed to get out. Get from underneath it – it was a big weight on my shoulders. And you made it so easy, the next day I felt like… the weight of the WORLD had been taken off. SO easy, thank you!”

We buy houses like this every single day in the Cincinnati and Dayton regions. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be stressful. Now she feels a HUGE sense of RELIEF. We are very happy that we were able to help, and we look forward to speaking to YOU if you ever find yourself in a situation similar to hers, or the many others we’ve worked with over the years!

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